The new research administration system

More Research.  Less Paperwork.

1.  Initiate 

Ready to Get Started?  We will walk you through the process of initiating work with the Office of Sponsored Programs.

Plan to respond to a sponsor solicitation?

You may create new proposals and revise existing ones.

Already have an award?

All you need is the grant/fund number and you can initiate a supplement, continuation or grant renewal.  (Congrats!, BTW)

2. Develop 

We will help you gather all the information required for a successful sponsor submission.

Enter details

Work at your own pace to provide proposal information.  Based on your answers, we will ask follow-up questions relevant to each individual proposal and generate proposal-specific requirements that you may manage from the checklist view.

Not using cost share?  No reason to see those cost share screens, but they are pretty darn spectacular.

Manage files

Attach proposal documents, discuss them with your team, and indicate which files to submit to sponsor.

Proposal writing is an iterative process so we help you manage document revisions.  You can easily upload new versions and revert to previous ones.

Overwhelmed by documents? Click Files in the toolbar for a handy list of all files associated with a proposal.

Monitor progress

We will let you know of any outstanding items that must be completed prior to submission.  

Unsure of the process?  Refer to the on-screen help, which provides context-specific assistance. 

3. Collaborate

We facilitate collaboration with your proposal team, support staff, and OSP.


We notify you of all new files and comments when you are working within Summit so you are always aware of what needs attention.

Simply click on a notification to navigate to the relevant section within a proposal.

You may delete notifications or keep them as reminders for later.


You can add a comment to any item in the proposal using the gear menu.  Comments are displayed to the right of the item for easy scanning.

Need a high level summary of the discussions within a proposal?  Click on Comments in the toolbar to view and participate in all discussions within a proposal.


No more wondering who made changes.

Click on Activity in the toolbar to see a chronological summary of who did what when.

You may also view activity details by hovering over any requirement item.

What people are saying



I really like not having to have 100 emails for a proposal. 


Summit has helped tremendously with the workflow and organization of multiple, daily, proposal submissions (especially the quick and sponsor requirement demanding proposals).


The system makes our work more efficient and the march to $680 million in research at VT more attainable.


Having all these proposals, RFPs, docs, budgets, approvals, etc. in one place with the complete information from start to submission is tremendously helpful.


Having a "one-stop-shop" for the various proposal/project documents is crucial to support the expanded research mission we are engaged in now and into the future.